The number of people experiencing homelessness in Austin hit a 10-year high in 2020, according to a new report. Data from the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition’s point-in-time count show that 2,506 people were homeless on the night of the annual census, Jan. 25. More than half of them – 1,574 – were on the street that night, an increase of 45 percent over last year. Black people are still overrepresented proportionately within the homeless community. While they make up roughly 8 percent of the city’s population, 36.5 percent of those surveyed in January identified as black. White people were also disproportionately represented, though not as much. The survey also showed that most people experiencing homelessness in the area are not here from out of state. Most of those surveyed told volunteers they first became homeless in Austin – 63 percent, a slight increase over 2018 – or in Texas –19.4 percent. Seventeen percent said they’d first experienced homelessness out of state.